Greg Gutfeld tonight slammed David Axelrod’s remark that he’s “proud” that “there hasn’t been a major scandal” in this administration.

"Maybe if you adhere to some absurd, high standard. It's true, it turns out Joe Biden is not a crayon-eating space ghost, and Obama hasn't been devouring expensive show dogs as midnight snacks, and John Kerry is not really a highly evolved tree," Gutfeld quipped.

Gutfeld said that Axelrod’s logic only works if you ignore matters like the IRS targeting civilians over their beliefs, millions losing their health care, the Bowe Bergdahl ordeal, the tragic VA deaths and more.

“The real scandal is this two-headed beast  - one of ideology and one of accomplice - a mix of toxic ideologies, immunized by fan boys in the media […] The scandal isn't Obama’s actions, but those whose job was to report them. Instead, they knitted their own blindfolds,” Gutfeld said.

Watch the full monologue above.