A controversial new flyer is helping some people dodge DUI checkpoints, without even speaking a word to the police.

Motorists who pull up to sobriety checkpoints are holding up the "Fair DUI Flyer." The flyer reads "I remain silent, no searches and I want my lawyer," along with a short list of state laws.

Drivers who are passing through DUI checkpoints don't roll down the window, but instead display the flyer with their driver's license, insurance and registration.  

Warren Redlich, a Florida criminal defense attorney, created the flyer because he "was tired of defending people who were wrongfully arrested after going through checkpoints," CBS News reported.

He has flyers tailored to laws in over 12 states online and his video tutorial on how to use the flyer has been viewed on YouTube more than 2.4 million times this year. 

Advocacy groups, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving are against the flyer because they fear it will allow impaired drivers to simply go unnoticed. 

Watch the YouTube video below that demonstrates a motorist using the Fair DUI Flyer at a sobriety checkpoint. Also, check out Judge Napolitano's opinion on this story.

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