Despite religious leaders and critics condemning ISIS for purportedly beheading 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya, the White House has failed to mention the faith of the victims.

Pope Francis denounced the beheadings Monday stating that "they were assassinated just for being Christian."

A statement released Sunday from White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest condemned the beheadings, but didn't refer to the hostages as Christians. Instead, Earnest labeled them as "Egyptian citizens" and "innocents," even though they were Coptic Christians.  

Legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. weighed in today on "Fox and Friends" with Brian Kilmeade stating that "the White House is not willing to identify the nature of this terrorism."

"...The White House will not understand that there is this understanding of Islam by these groups, nor will they recognize it," Johnson said. "The White House wouldn't recognize the deli victims, that it was a Jewish deli. Now we have so called innocents, won't recognize them as Christians."

"Until you begin to realize that ISIS, or ISIL, or Al Qaeda, or these off shoots, one of their goals is destructive of the Jewish faith and of the Christian faith," he added.

Johnson stated that President Obama needs to call this Islamic terrorism, "but to say it so we understand the enemy that we are facing."

"The Pope said it, Cardinal Dolan said it today in the New York Post...why can't we hear it out of the White House with regard to Jewish and Christian victims?"

Watch the video above to hear more from Johnson on "Fox and Friends." 

Later on "America's Newsroom," former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave us his reaction (below), pointing out that ISIS left "no ambiguity" about why the murders were being carried out.

Giuliani said the White House's avoidance in connecting terror attacks with Islamic extremism goes all the way back to 2009 when the Fort Hood shootings were labeled as "workplace violence."

He went on to argue that the president's choice of words is not helpful to moderate Muslims.

"It doesn't set up the fact that the religion has an interpretation that is incorrect, that is horrible and brutal, that needs to be changed. It doesn't challenge that. Islam needs to be challenged to change internally like the Protestant Reformation, like various forms of Judaism," said Giuliani.