Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been emerging from a crowded field of potential Republican presidential candidates.

But as Walker's popularity grows, so has the criticism. He has come under fire for not completing his college education and obtaining a bachelor's degree - which 68 percent of Americans have not.

Also, Time magazine recently spoke with Walker's high school science teacher, who told Walker to "man up" after the governor dodged a question about evolution on a recent trip to London.

"Answer the question when they ask you!” Ann Serpe, the chair of Walker's high school science department, said. "He could have manned up a bit. That’s what I would tell him."

Walker later clarified his thoughts on science and faith on Twitter.

"Why is it that we know more today about Scott Walker's high school days than we do about Barack Obama's six years into his term?" Rachel Campos-Duffy asked on "Outnumbered" today.

Kennedy said she's more concerned about Obama's college grades, which he has never released.

She added that there are plenty of acceptable answers about evolution from people of faith, citing famed physician-geneticist Francis Collins as an example of how one can believe in both theism and science.

"How does this teacher remember what [Walker] thought about evolution back in the day?" Ainsley Earhardt asked. "That can't be accurate."

"My science teacher, who I love and still have communication with to this day, Mrs. Nance, has no idea of my beliefs on evolution," Earhardt said.

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