Bill O’Reilly tonight slammed President Barack Obama’s unwillingness to engage ISIS on the ground.

While O’Reilly admitted that wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have hurt America’s ability to confront evil, he said that someone must lead the effort to confront the utter brutality that the world is facing.

“There is only one leader with the cachet to lead the fight: that reluctant warrior Barack Obama,” he said.

O’Reilly remarked that we are seeing “continuous nonsense” from Washington, citing Marie Harf’s statement that “we cannot kill our way out of this war.” O’Reilly said Harf is telling ISIS that organized military opposition can’t defeat the terror group, which he said is not true.

O’Reilly charged Obama with making an enormous mistake by not leaving a residual force in Iraq. He also said that the president was slow in recognizing the threat of ISIS, calling the group “jay-vee.”

“On the president’s watch, the following countries have become terrorist safe havens: Syria, Iraq, northern Pakistan, eastern Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Iran, parts of Algeria and parts of Afghanistan. That is quite a resume,” O’Reilly said.

“The Factor” host remarked that the holy war is here, and Obama will be the last to acknowledge it.

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