Bill O’Reilly tonight called on every cleric in the United States to address the ISIS threat with their congregations this weekend.

“The Factor” host also spoke with Pastor Robert Jeffress and Father Gerald Murray about the United States’ response to ISIS.

“This president is continually lecturing us that we’re not in a religious war against Islam. And while that’s true, it’s time for this president to get off his high horse and acknowledge that radical Islam is in a religious war against us,” Jeffress said.

Jeffress warned that “these Islamists will not rest until they’ve exterminated every Jew and every Christian from the face of the earth.”

O’Reilly remarked that it would be an enormous story if Pope Francis spoke out and said that the West has a moral obligation to destroy the jihad, but O’Reilly said he doesn’t see the pope doing that.

“Let’s face it, we don’t have to wait for the pope to tell us what to do, and the United States of America is the moral leader in the world,” Murray responded. “Where’s the moral leadership here?”

Jeffress then called on Christians everywhere “to join with our Jewish friends and demand that this president do whatever is necessary – including boots on the ground – to eradicate this cancer of ISIS and radical Islam before it destroys us.”

O’Reilly said that Christians, Jews and secularists “should email and call the White House and say ‘enough.’”

He called for every cleric in the United States to address this threat with their congregation this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“I want every pastor, every priest, every rabbi, and every imam to email me personally and tell me you’re gonna do that,” he said.