A student at Brown University is urging an ROTC ban, calling it “state-sanctioned violence” and its cadets “criminals.”

Student Peter Makhlouf sounded off in Brown’s school paper after the university partnered with the Navy and Air Force ROTC.

He wrote, "By outlawing ROTC, we have the opportunity to maintain a tradition of refusing to capitulate to the increasing demands of military engagement in today's global agenda."

“What a joke,” Gutfeld said. “And what language – that lockstep cult speak that marks all brain-free rhetoric passed on like a pox from its petulant professors. He could be a White House spokesperson!”

Gutfeld said it would be “fun” to see such students experience life without the military.

“No cozy dorms, no iPods – just them and ISIS. The only selfie stick would be their own head on a stake,” he quipped.

According to Gutfeld, this student represents an anti-West ideology “that gives tenure to terrorists while condemning those who protect them.”

“This kid, after all, is just a chip off the old Barack,” he said.