Thousands of pampered pooches descended upon Manhattan this week for the world famous Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

The 139th annual all-breed dog show began Monday at Madison Square Garden with 3,000 dogs from 192 different breeds and varieties competing for the Best in Show prize.

Gretchen Carlson checked out the furry action yesterday and got to witness first hand how long it takes to properly groom some of the beloved show dogs. 

Watch the video above to see Gretchen take "The Real Story" behind the scenes at the dog show.  


Gretchen took her daughter and her friend behind the scenes to meet Smitty the Weather Dog.
Dizzy, an Old English sheepdog, stayed still while Gretchen combed his leg.
Gretchen also brushed the hair around Dizzy's face.
Gretchen met Smitty the Weather Dog, a cute Yorkshire Terrier.
Gretchen showed off her adorable dog, Bella.