A thief was caught on surveillance video committing a daring dognapping from a Denver pet store. 

The video shows one man opening the pen at the Aquatic Dog pet store and hiding a 8-week-old Pomeranian puppy under his shirt. The man took off running out of the store with the dog. 

An accomplice, who distracted the owner while the man stole the puppy, was chased out of the store. Both men got away. 

KDVR reported:

Store workers at the Aquatic Dog pet store at East Iliff Avenue and South Quebec Street believe the heist was a preplanned dog-napping.

“My husband called me on Wednesday and told me someone has asked about the Pomeranian and he had a bad feeling about it,” Aquatic Dog owner Sheila Van Der Veer. “He asked for their name and number to hold it for them and they hung up on him.”

She now thinks that call led the pair of suspects to the store on Thursday.

“While one of them distracted Greg with fish questions the other one was over here,” Van Der Veer says.

The men drove away from the scene in a gold Cadillac.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.