President Obama's now-famous campaign slogan "Yes We Can" almost never existed.

The president's former adviser, David Axelrod, revealed in his new book, "Believer: My Forty Years in Politics," that Obama thought the political catchphrase was "too corny" when he ran for Senate in 2004.

Obama almost nixed the idea, until Michelle Obama convinced him otherwise.

"'Yes we can. Isn’t that too corny?' he asked, turning to his wife who shook her head. 'Not corny,' she replied. Michelle just happened to come by for the first ad shoot, and that was the ad that closed with the line 'Yes we can,'" Axelrod told The New York Times.

Ainsley Earhardt weighed in on Michelle Obama convincing her husband to use the slogan on "Outnumbered" today, noting that women have a strong influence on their husbands.

"Nancy Reagan was the one who came up with 'Just Say No,'" Earhardt stated. "Genius. That was great. Look at Jackie O. The influence that these women have on their husbands. What do they say, behind every successful man is a woman."

Rachel Campos-Duffy added that she thinks "it's the most underappreciated aspect of politics."

"I can say that as a political spouse myself," Campos-Duffy shared. "You are the only person that has no ulterior motive. First of all, you know them better than anyone else, you're not on the payroll, you have nothing but that person's best interest at heart." 

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