Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tonight said that a federal judge’s decision to block President Barack Obama’s executive immigration action is “a major victory for the rule of law.”

The ruling will give a coalition of 26 states more time to pursue a lawsuit that would permanently stop the executive action plan, though the Justice Department has vowed that it will appeal the decision.

Cruz also slammed Democrats for filibustering the Department of Homeland Security spending bill because it would not fund Obama’s executive action plan. Cruz called it “reckless and irresponsible” to filibuster at a time when Congress needs to fund the DHS due to growing threats at home and abroad.

“They’re holding national security hostage in order to defend the president’s illegal amnesty,” he said of Democrats.

Cruz also weighed in on Obama’s remarks today that the law is on the side of his executive action plan.

“He says the law is on his side – there’s at least one person who calls himself a legal scholar who disagrees, and his name is Barack Obama,” Cruz said. “Twenty-two times President Obama has admitted he doesn’t have the authority to issue unilateral amnesty.”

Through Obama’s executive action plan, Cruz said that the administration is basically counterfeiting immigration documents.

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