Despite marijuana being illegal on the federal level, at least nine colleges across the country are offering classes about cannabis. 

Dr. Malik Burnett, policy manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, told Steve Doocy on "Fox and Friends" today that he thinks it's a great idea for colleges to offer the courses.

"Overall, I think that the fact that we're seeing colleges offer courses in the marijuana space only further vindicates the fact that people in the United States want to pursue a different path when it comes to marijuana policy," he explained. "There are 24 states and the District of Columbia that have medical marijuana laws. And four states and the District of Columbia that have chosen to end marijuana prohibition completely. What we're seeing is business being created in this space." 

He added that people want to be able to effectively manage these types of businesses with the classes being offered now at schools around the country.

But Bishop Ron Allen, founder of the International Faith Based Coalition, is completely against the idea of colleges offering courses on marijuana.

"We have colleges that are teaching our youth and young adults how to be professional drug dealers," Allen, who is a former drug addict countered. "...When you want to be a drug dealer, you take marijuana 101 and learn how to traffic and learn how to become a marijuana entrepreneur. These types of colleges are not helping the future of our nation, nor are they bringing in a legal education in school."

Watch the video above to hear more of the debate on "Fox and Friends" and let us know your opinion.