Egypt launched airstrikes against ISIS-affiliated militants in Libya overnight after a video purporting to show the mass beheading of Coptic Christian hostages surfaced Sunday, according to a spokesman for Egypt's Armed Forces General Command.

The spokesman said the airstrikes targeted weapons caches and training camps "to avenge the bloodshed and to seek retribution from the killers."

Dr. Qanta Ahmed, author of "In the Land of Invisible Women," said on "Fox and Friends" that she's not surprised that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi launched retaliatory strikes against the militants, since he is one of the staunchest opponents of Islamism.

"ISIS has no relationship [to] traditional Islamic faith," Ahmed said, calling the terror group a "diabolical violation of Islamic morality."

She said they are totalitarian ideologues and persecuting minorities - such as Coptic Christians - is consistent with their warped view of the Islamic faith.

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