In a recent column in The Daily Mail, Piers Morgan sounded off on the Brian Williams scandal, writing, "Politicians, celebrities, sportsmen or news anchors – they’re all tossed onto the furnace of righteous, indignant fury at the slightest suggestion they may not be as perfect as we’d like them to be."

Morgan appeared on "Media Buzz today" to discuss his thoughts on the frenzied reaction to Williams' admission that he had lied about being in a helicopter that was forced down by RPG fire in Iraq in 2003.

"I think we're in a new Medieval phase where social media has empowered people to be as mean as they want to be, and I'm not sure how helpful that is to the democratic process, whether you're a politician or you're in the media, whatever it may be," Morgan said.

Morgan acknowledged that Williams certainly made a mistake, but he said that the way people acted, you would think Williams was a "mass serial killer."

"The gleeful vilification of him, the mockery, the general consensus that he has to be smashed to pieces, I found pretty unedifying," Morgan said, adding that if he had not been fired as a result of his own personal scandal, he believes he would have emerged as a better journalist and a better editor.

Morgan asserted that if Williams gets a second chance, he will be a better, more accurate anchor from this experience.

"It's the kind of personal abuse that gets wrapped around all this - driven by social media - that I think often takes away from the central arguments and also makes it very difficult to reach any fair, balanced judgment," Morgan said.

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