In a recent interview with Vox, President Obama was asked about the threat of terrorism and not only did he characterize the deadly attack on a kosher deli in Paris as "random," he equated terrorism with street crime.

On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling asked how the president can keep our country safe and our economy intact when he won't even acknowledge who the enemy is and what they're up to.

"This is outrageous," Wayne Rogers said. "The fact that he doesn't understand that this was a targeted thing ... It's beyond imagination that he doesn't understand that this was an anti-Semitic act."

"It wasn't even just this comment, it's been the president's whole approach in foreign affairs, particularly towards Islamic terrorism," Jonathan Hoenig said. "What you've seen is evasion on a mass scale."

Bolling noted a recent Fox News poll, in which more than two-thirds of people said Obama needs to be tougher on Islamic extremists.

"Does he think 9/11 was a 'random act?'" Rogers asked.

"The president doesn't just look weak on Islamic terrorism," Hoenig said. "He is weak."

Watch the clip above.