Earlier this week, Amy Bushatz was among a group of at least six military spouses who received tweets from someone claiming to be with affiliated with ISIS.

Bushatz, managing editor of SpouseBuzz.com, spoke to Clayton Morris on "Fox and Friends Weekend" about how she's not backing down.

"On Tuesday morning of this week, I received a friend request from somebody appearing to be affiliated with the ISIS group or 'Cyber Caliphate,'" Bushatz explained. "I was alerted by a friend that I had been named in a series of text messages targeting a handful of military spouses."

Bushatz said that all the people who were singled out in tweets or who received friend requests had been quoted in a recent CNN article that was actually about whether or not they would be changing their social media lives in reaction to apparent ISIS threats.

"I think that anybody who gets a direct contact from someone even claiming to be a part of a terrifying terrorist organization would feel fear, and that's what I felt. I felt a little afraid," Bushatz said. "But I think that the difference is between being afraid and acting afraid."

"Fear is a natural reaction, but I'm not going to act afraid," she said, adding she's just going to keep living her life.

"My husband's immediate reaction when I called him right after I saw this stuff come through was, 'Well, don't let any terrorists in the house today.'"

Bushatz said that authorities are involved and are investigating.

Watch the clip above and see two other military spouses who were targeted, Angela Ricketts and Lori Volkman, react in the "America's News Headquarters" clip below.