On Friday, ISIS fighters wearing Iraqi military uniforms and suicide vests attacked al-Asad air base, where more than 300 Marines are training Iraqi troops.

All the Islamic State fighters were killed by Iraqi security forces, but this bold attack raises concerns about potential future clashes involving Americans, especially in the wake of reports that ISIS overran the nearby town of al-Baghdadi.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Dr. Sebastian Gorka said this is "proof positive that we don't have a strategy for ISIS," adding that the troops we do have there are in danger from a group that is far more dangerous than Al Qaeda ever was.

Gorka said this isn't just about Iraq or Syria, but neighboring countries as well, which ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has said he aims to invade as part of an ever-widening Islamic caliphate.

Gorka added that there has never been an insurgency in the modern era that has been defeated solely by air power, so if the U.S. is serious about defeating ISIS and securing Iraq, group troops of the region must take on the threat with the support of the U.S.

"We have to lead a coalition of ground troops to destroy this scourge," he said. "It's very difficult to destroy an enemy when you're nibbling at the fringes of his units."

Gorka explained that our troops need to be properly equipped and given clearer rules of engagement, as the threat of ISIS nears.

"It's not about the Marines, it's about the people in suits back in D.C. and what kind of orders they're getting from them."

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