The al-Asad air base in Iraq is now on high alert after Iraqi forces stopped a suicide attack from causing widespread damage and fatalities.

Peter Doocy reported on "America's News Headquarters" today that the daring attack was unsuccessful, but there are still more than 300 U.S. Marines at the base, where they are teaching Iraqi security forces how to fight.

"There is new concern that it will happen again and again, until the Islamic State has more success," Doocy said.

Doocy reported that as many as 25 ISIS militants wearing Iraqi military uniforms descended on the air base Friday. The first group blew themselves up with suicide vests and were followed by more than a dozen gunmen, who were quickly killed by Iraqi security forces.

U.S. Apache helicopters raced to the scene to provide air support, but the attack had been foiled by the time they arrived.

"This episode showed the coordination ISIS attackers are using to carry out attacks," Doocy said. "And it showed that similar assaults in the future could leave the Americans in the area cornered."

Doocy reported that the threat remains, as ISIS controls the nearby town of al-Baghdadi.

He added, though, that the Pentagon is stressing that the overall result of the attack is positive, as the Iraqi Army did repel the terrorists. 

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