This video from a Florida courtroom had Jon and Jenna cracking up at the end of "Happening Now" today. 

Meet 80-year-old Dolores Sheinis. She was in the bond hearing before Broward County Judge John Hurley on charges of resisting arrest and violating an order to stay away from her ex-husband. 

Howard eventually let Sheinis go, requiring her to stay away from her ex and wear an electronic ankle bracelet, but not before an unbelievable back-and-forth that had the judge and even some of her fellow inmates cracking up. 

Hurley at one point warned her that if she violated his order this time, he'd have to sentence her to jail time. 

"I haven't bothered him for 31 years, why would I bother him now? I swear to God and all that's holy on a stack of Bibles, I will never go near him, talk to him, call him or even look at him," said Sheinis.

The judge eventually asked Sheinis if she had ever thought of doing a stand-up routine.

"If you pay me good money, sweetheart, I'll be there. I'm really short of funds," she answered.

Howard then asked, jokingly, how he had been doing as a judge on that day. 

"Not bad, but you could do better," said Sheinis.

"You've brightened my day, ma'am," said Howard.

"That's what the last guy said," Sheinis responded, drawing a big round of laughter in the courtroom.

Watch the full exchange below (the best moments begin four minutes in).

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