A San Diego couple who thought they had bought their dream home found themselves living in a nightmare.

Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter said they endured a year of harassment from the woman who they outbid for their Carmel Valley home.

Kathy Rowe said she was devastated when she didn’t get the house, so she began to target the married couple.

First, she sent them unwanted magazine subscriptions and canceled their mail, but then things took a frightening turn.

Rowe put an advertisement on Craigslist about sex parties at the couple’s home. She also posed as Ruhter and advertised for men to visit her, claiming she had a rape fantasy. Two men showed up at Ruhter’s home.

“Home should be a place of safety and sanctuary but I never truly felt this way in our house […] the house became my prison,” Ruhter said, adding that the ordeal hurt her marriage and kept her frightened at all times.

When Rowe was finally caught, she pleaded guilty to stalking. She was sentenced to a year of home electronic surveillance last month.

Rowe said she’s sorry for the ordeal, but Rice said that if she wasn’t caught, she would not have stopped.

Watch Trace Gallagher’s report above.

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