They don't call her the Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg for nothing.

The Supreme Court justice admitted that she wasn't "100 percent sober" when she dozed off at President Obama's State of the Union address in January. 

Justice Ginsburg, 81, said that her imbibing may have caused her to fall asleep during the televised address. 

She explained to an audience at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Thursday night that she had a glass of wine while eating dinner before the speech. 

"Because before we went to the State of the Union, Justice Kennedy brought in … it was an Opus something or other, very fine California wine, and I vowed this year, just sparkling water, stay away from the wine, but in the end, the dinner was so delicious, it needed wine,” Ginsburg said according to The Blaze. “So I got a call when I came home from one of my granddaughters and she said, ‘Bubbe, you were sleeping at the State of the Union!”

Dagen McDowell said on "Outnumbered" today that if she had to sit through the speech, she wouldn't be sober either. 

"You know what if I was a Supreme Court justice, job for life, I'd pack a cooler," McDowell jokingly said. "I'd pop a cold one, prop my feet up, eating some Funyuns during the speech."

Andrea Tantaros agreed.

"I'd have a bottle of Wild Turkey and a straw under my robe if I had to listen to President Obama as a Supreme Court justice," Tantaros remarked. "Props to RBG...Good for her!"

Watch the video above. 

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