The parents of slain American journalist James Foley spoke this morning with Gregg Jarrett in a powerful interview on "America's Newsroom."

They pointed to a lack of information from the White House about the efforts that were being made to get their son out of ISIS captivity.

Foley was held as a hostage for nearly two years by ISIS and was beheaded last year in a gruesome video.  

Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported this week - following the death of Kayla Mueller - that the White House knew the location of Foley, Mueller and other hostages, but delayed the eventual rescue mission for seven weeks.

By the time the mission to rescue the hostages was launched in Syria, ISIS had moved them to another location.

Diane Foley remarked that communication from the government was "very poor."

"The government wasn't really telling us anything," she stated. "It was all classified. So all I know is what I was told by the French hostages who came out in March of 2014. The four of them had a lot of very specific information for our government."

“We didn’t feel Jim was a priority, even though we were told that from the very beginning that he was and to trust that everything was being done," Diane Foley stated. "We don't have much evidence of that, mainly because of very poor communication. No one seemed to be accountable for these four Americans who were captive together. No one could give us answers."

"I just want to make it very clear that we were very grateful for those soldiers who participated in the raid," John Foley added. "Because obviously it was very dangerous on their part and we're grateful for that. Again, I think it was late in the game and the results speak for itself."

Watch the video above to hear more from Diane and John Foley on "America's Newsroom."