The parents of Austin Tice, an award-winning journalist who has been missing in Syria since 2012, spoke with Gretchen Carlson today about the search efforts to locate him. 

Marc and Debra Tice are calling for the U.S. government to provide more information about their son, who is a former U.S. Marine. 

"We had communication [with the government] within a few days of determining that Austin was out of contact and missing," Marc Tice shared. "We've had ongoing communication, kind of ever deepening communication across a number of departments and agencies. And now even with some of the White House staff."

He noted that even though the communication with the government has been constant, they feel "the content could be deeper."

"Well, we're not really given very much information," Debra Tice added. "We feel certain that there's more information that could be shared with us. It's not shared with us because we don't have the appropriate clearances, and we're not vetted. I said this before, I feel like God vetted us when he gave us this man for our son. I think that all the information available should be available to us." 

His mother shared that the last time she spoke to her son was his birthday, August 11, 2012. Last year the family held a 33rd birthday party for him in his absence.

 Watch the video above to hear more from Marc and Debra Tice on "The Real Story."