Talk about speed dating! Several unsuspecting men were taken on the ride of their lives when a beautiful female stunt driver pranked them on a blind date. 

Ford created a hilarious video that's going viral to advertise its new 2015 Mustang, just in time for Valentine's Day. 

The video begins with an attractive blonde woman meeting several blind dates that she takes on a ride in her bright red Mustang.

At first, she acts like she is having trouble driving the manual transmission car, pretending to not know when to shift the car's gears.

The woman then proceeds to drive into an empty parking lot, where she kicks the date into turbo speed dating. 

The blind dates are shocked as she drives the pony in high speeds, drifting, tearing and spinning the muscle car around in the parking lot.

"Why are you driving so fast?" one date asked her. 

The men had no clue that she is actually a professional stunt driver. At the end of each date, she stops the car and explains to the men that they were being pranked. 

Watch the funny video below.

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