Charles Krauthammer tonight sounded off on the evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Yemen, calling it “humiliating” on a tactical level.

“This is a policy in complete collapse,” Krauthammer said.

For four decades, the U.S. was the dominant power in the Middle East, Krauthammer explained.

“In these six years of Obama, that has evaporated,” he said.

Krauthammer noted that since the beginning of his presidency, President Barack Obama has said that he is here to end wars. As recently as yesterday, he said the U.S. is not interested in “endless wars.” The world knows that Obama does not want to be involved in the Middle East, Krauthammer remarked.

“He has announced to the world again and again, ‘We’re getting out,’” Krauthammer said.

Krauthammer explained that in unstable places, peasants will either join the pro-America side or link up with radical Islamists. But he said the U.S. is currently creating a vacuum in the region.

“When the Americans are gone, the other guys are gonna come, and they’re gonna kill you, slit the throats of your family and take away your women. When you’re a peasant and you have to make that choice, the choice is easy,” he said.

Krauthammer added, “Barack Obama has forsworn regime change in the region […] except in one place. The one place [where] he’s actively trying to change the regime is in Israel.”

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