Greg Gutfeld slammed President Barack Obama this evening for implying that the threat of climate change is greater than the threat of terrorism.

“So, the media's ignoring global warming,” Gutfeld said. “The same media that blames it for tiny sheep, increased shark and cougar attacks, cow infertility, and even global cooling! You think maybe this absurd obsession is why our president missed ISIS?”

“The Five” co-host remarked that “aid workers didn’t lose their heads to drizzle.”

The terror threat, Gutfeld said, is a palpable one.

“We see the forecast every day, and it’s 90 percent bloody with a 50 percent chance of beheading,” he said.

Gutfeld called climate change an ideology that’s built for American blame.

“The result? Snow blindness: where a president calls Yemen a success, right before our embassy evacuates. And saying ISIS morale is low as their forces grow. Seriously, how does Obama miss all these storms? He's not just a weak president, he's a crummier weatherman," Gutfeld said.