Ever had a bad night? 

Well, hopefully it wasn't as bad as this couple's bizarre misadventure that could have ended up much worse.

Police near Tampa tell the Associated Press that the man and woman were rescued from a garbage truck when the driver called 911. 

He told the operator, "I don't know how they got in the back of the truck, but they stuck in the truck. I almost killed both of them."

Police said the man and woman were drunk after a night at a casino and ended up falling asleep in a dumpster. 

The convenience store's dumpster was then emptied into the truck early Wednesday with the couple still there. 

Donald L. Jordan, 37, and Lisa Spirella, 49, were eventually removed from the truck and taken to a hospital for back pain.

Hear part of the 911 call below in the daily Fox and Friends First segment "The Good, the Bad & the Ugly."