With Colorado legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, one woman had an idea about how to cash in. 

She's marketing short-term rentals in the Denver area specifically to pot smokers. 

The "Welcome to CannaBliss" ads on websites like Airbnb.com and VRBO.com call out the fact that pot is OK in these residences. 

Neighbors, however, weren't so happy about it, with many of them showing up to a city zoning board meeting. 

Dale Koppel was at the appeal hearing after the city ruled she could not book reservations of less than 30 days. 

“It turns into non-stop marijuana smoke during the summers,” said one man who showed up to oppose Koppel's rentals. “You can’t have your windows open. Many times I can’t have my kids outside.”

The board denied her appeal, but Koppel still plans to go ahead with the "pot rentals" for 30-day leases or longer.

FOX 31 in Denver reported:

“I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to provide a safe place, a legal place, for people who were coming here to smoke,” Koppel said.

Though marketing to marijuana smokers is legal, Denver zoning laws do not allow short term rentals of less than 30 days in residential areas. The city issued cease and desist letters at two of Koppel’s properties last year, but on Tuesday she asked a zoning board for an extension so she could honor reservations that were made prior to her receiving those letters.

“They do no harm,” Koppel said. “They are the nicest guests imaginable. They don’t disrupt the neighborhood.”

More than 20 people from two neighborhoods showed up to the appeal hearing to oppose Koppel.

Brian Kilmeade discussed the unusual dispute with Mason Tvert, the director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, and attorney Lisa Giovinazzo.

Giovinazzo said this is one example of Colorado not anticipating what would happen after they relaxed the marijuana laws.

She explained that the woman is using these properties as a business, without having the commercial license that a marijuana shop would need. 

Tvert also said that there should be establishments where pot smokers can go to use marijuana outside of a residential area.

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