A 75-year-old former karate instructor helped police take down a shoplifter inside of a Pennsylvania mall. 

Charlie Burton was selling pens at a sportsmen's expo at the Washington Crown Center mall near Pittsburgh Saturday, when he saw an officer trying to arrest a suspected shoplifter.   

When it looked like the officer needed a hand, Burton jumped in to to assist, even threatening to break the perp's arm.

Fox affiliate WTXF reported:

"He had a fella up against the counter there, and I saw he was in trouble," Burton explained. "I made a move and made a big twist and twisted his arm up over my head."

Burton said he told the man to stop fighting back.

"Yeah, I got his arm and gave him a big twist and tripped him and put him face down," he said. He kept hollering 'You hurt my arm,' and I said, 'You better quit fussing around and fighting, I'll just break it.'"

According to Burton, his wife didn't think it was a smart thing for someone his age to help out with.

29-year-old Jonathan Fekete Jr. was arrested and is accused of taking $200 worth of clothes from Macy's.

Fekete is now being held in the Washington County jail and was also wanted on drug charges.

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