Say goodbye to "a global force for good," the United States Navy is asking for help coming up with a new slogan.

According to a spokesman for the chief of navy personnel, they decided to phase out the unpopular tagline not because the U.S. Navy isn't a global force for good, but because it doesn't capture all that they do.

It was feedback from sailors and veterans, the spokesman said, that convinced Navy leadership it was finally time for "a global force for good" to go.

To suggest a new catchphrase to go with "America's Navy," you can submit your best ideas to Navy Times.

Entries should follow the format, “America’s Navy: _________________”

According to Navy Times, "A panel of experts will select the top contenders and readers will vote on them. Your slogans will also be presented to Navy leaders. The individual who submits the most popular slogan will be profiled by Navy Times. Entries must be received by February 24, 2015."

The Navy says the new slogan will be used in commercials and recruitment efforts.

Watch the clip above.