When moms are away, these dads will play.

A hilarious video captures two dads on babysitting duty throwing a dance party with their adorable infants.

The video, which brings an entirely new meaning to the term "pop music," has quickly gone viral with thousands of views on YouTube. Check it out below!

King 5 News reported:

Longtime friends Chris Fabregas and Matt McCarty are both dads now. They get together on Fridays for breakfast and a walk with their kids.

Fabregas says their wives like to check in to see how everyone is doing: "When Matt and I returned back to my house, we turned on Sugar by Maroon 5. Both kids couldn't stop laughing as we were dancing to keep them occupied. So we decided to get the cameras rolling, have our little ones dance with us, and show the moms that everything was okay!"

Fabregas recorded the YouTube video at his home in Seal Beach, California, but his roots are in Western Washington. He attended Bellevue High School and met his wife at the University of Washington. His childhood friend Matt McCarty attended Washington State, but the two remained friends despite their rivals schools. Now the friends share daddy duty and look forward to more adventures with their little ones.