Bill O’Reilly tonight sounded off on a lack of trust in the media following Brian Williams’ suspension.

A Gallup poll from last year found that 40 percent of Americans trust the mass media.

“When hard news people deceive their viewers and readers to advance a political agenda, that’s when the nation gets hurt,” he said.

O’Reilly explained that America now knows Williams exaggerated and misreported certain stories, and he will be suspended for six months without pay. “The Factor” host also touched on Williams’ claims that he was attacked by gangs at the Ritz Carlton during Hurricane Katrina, a story that he said Talking Points found suspicious.

Additionally, NBC News Ayman Mohyeldin has upset a number of military members for remarking that Chris Kyle was a “racist” who went on “killing sprees.” Now, military members are demanding an apology, and O’Reilly said they should be.

“Every news organization makes mistakes, but those mistakes are eroding the confidence of Americans in the press. With few constraints on the Net, it’s extremely important that the national media stop the corruption and begin telling the truth without an agenda,” O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly also responded to viewers who have criticized him for not condemning Williams.

Monday, he told Jimmy Kimmel, “Anybody who’s enjoying the destruction of this man, you’ve gotta look at yourself here, and a lot of people seem to be real happy that his career’s going down the drain. That disturbs me.” O’Reilly had said that if Williams embellished one story, he would get by, but if it turns out to be a pattern, it would be hard for the NBC News anchor to come back from it.

“So now we know there is a pattern, and it’s my belief that Mr. Williams after the New Orleans deal will not return as main anchor for NBC. They’ll find another place for him,” O’Reilly predicted tonight.

O’Reilly urged Americans to consider what happened to Williams.

“We should all open that proverbial ‘Network’ window and yell out, ‘We’re mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore,’” he said.