Judge Andrew Napolitano challenged Republicans to demand President Obama go before Congress and "make the case" for military action against ISIS. 

Earlier today, the White House released a letter from Obama to lawmakers in which he asked for a formal authorization for the use of "limited" force against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Napolitano suggested that the president wants Republicans to be politically responsible for military action against ISIS. 

"Do you expect [Obama] to make the case for that war? Because he hasn't. I don't think he even believes in it! Whatever you think of FDR and of World War II, he went to Congress and made the case for war and he got the declaration within 24 hours," said Napolitano.

The resolution stipulates that there will be no "enduring offensive combat operation" against ISIS. 

Napolitano questioned what that stipulation really means. 

"What is an enduring ground force? There's no legal definition to that. It's whatever the president at the time wants it to mean," he argued. 

Watch the full interview above for the judge's response to Obama's comment that Kosher deli attack in Paris was "random."