Greg Gutfeld tonight sounded off on Jon Stewart’s plan to leave “The Daily Show,” calling it “a big loss for the simpering, left-wing media.”

“The Five” co-host explained that Stewart’s success is a lesson for the right because “it reveals how humor trumps hysterics.”

“He used comedy to make a point so he never had to express anger. That's way more persuasive than shrill bursts of shouting,” Gutfeld said. “And that's the problem with the right. Some of us yell the same point over and over again, like an English speaker yelling the same phrase to some poor guy who doesn't know the language. We got political Tourette’s.”

The good news, Gutfeld said, is that “the rise of liberal media came as a rejection of the boring, traditional past.” Now that the left has won, the story line has flipped, he said.

“The right is now the rebel, which means it’s time for a bunch of new Jon Stewarts to take aim at the old. Keep an eye out for them because Comedy Central won’t."

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