Greta Van Susteren focused her "Off the Record" commentary on President Obama's claim that the terror attack on a Jewish deli in Paris was "random."

"It's a bit off the charts bizarre if he thinks that slaughter was random. What could be more obvious than that it was targeted and not random than a hit on a Kosher deli in a Jewish neighborhood?" she said. 

Van Susteren then criticized State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki for giving an "even worse" response in her media briefing.

When asked whether the administration would characterize the shootings as an "anti Jewish" attack, Psaki refused to "speak for French authorities and what they believe." 

Psaki then took to Twitter to clarify:

White House Press Secretary also tweeted about the president's comment, writing that Obama "never meant to suggest" that the attack was not anti-Semitic.

Van Susteren suggested the president's aides advise him not to use the word "random" if it's not what he means. 

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