A German rapper who once toured with DMX is now starring in gruesome ISIS recruiting videos.

Denis Cuspert, (photo above) formerly known as rapper Deso Dogg, has been placed on the State Department’s global terror list.

Benjamin Weinthal, of the Jerusalem Post, explained on tonight’s “On the Record” that the rapper-turned-ISIS member plays an essential role in recruiting for the terror group. Weinthal said Cuspert is “the most notorious German Islamist within the Islamic State movement."

According to Weinthal, Cuspert moved away from rap music and into Islamic recruiting around 2010-2011. He then went to Egypt, where he joined al Qaeda and formed a German colony. Then, he moved to Syria to join ISIS.

Cuspert, who toured with DMX in 2006, has recently been producing long videos explaining why he wants to bring the jihad to Germany.