Criminals beware!

A new welcome sign is letting people who travel to Conoy, PA know that it is "not a gun free zone."

Stephen Mohr, Conoy Township Supervisor, told Brian Kilmeade on "Fox and Friends" today that roughly 80 percent of households in the town have guns. He shared what prompted him to create the sign, even though the town doesn't have a large crime problem.

"Well basically it was the news reports of all the atrocities that were occurring and guns were involved," Mohr said. "Most of all those occur in gun free zones. This was disturbing to us and being a small township we take pride in what we have. We don't want anyone taking it from us."

He added that so far he's had a 99 percent positive reaction from people in the town about the sign.

"You do get some people that are negative, but most of the time those folks don't really understand what it's all about," Mohr stated. "We do want people coming into our small township and enjoying the facilities and recreation that we have. But we're also telling the other element that may come in, if you come in and you don't abide by the rules and regulations, you may end up having a bad day."

He remarked that most adults in the town know how to use a gun properly and that children should learn too.

"In fact, I would think that it should be mandatory curriculum in every school in the United States," Mohr shared. "That somewhere those children, young people, learn what a gun and firearms are all about and how to use it safely." 

Watch the video above.