Gretchen Carlson reported today on "The Real Story" about new concerns with drones being flown into airspace.

She stated that the FAA only allows drones to fly up to 400 feet, but at least three incidents occurred last weekend where drones were spotted flying into airspace. 

"Just this weekend one was spotted flying up 3,500 feet in Chicago," Carlson said. "In LA, a Southwest pilot reported one hovering at 4,000 feet near LAX. In Atlanta, another was spotted more than a mile in the sky, 8,500 feet."

Carlson noted that drones could pose more of a danger than benefit if they are being repeatedly flown into airspace.

Tech journalist Sam Slaughter weighed in citing that 10-20 reports are filed monthly from pilots who spot drones flying near them in the sky. 

"And those are just the ones that we know about," Slaughter remarked. "Pilots are just now realizing what these things are that they're avoiding and I think that's why the FAA is seeing an uptick in reports."

Slaughter said that the regulations the FAA has in place with drones are outdated, because there's millions of drones being flown in the country that could pose a danger.  

"Those regulations just don't cut it," he said. "There's just too many in the air for the FAA to keep up with." 

He added that the country hasn't seen what could happen if a plane collides with a drone, but it could be a potentially deadly outcome for passengers on the plane if it happened one day. 

Watch the video above to hear more.