Despite losing their show on HGTV over their beliefs, the Benham Brothers are in great spirits.

Real estate agents Jason and David Benham sat down with Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Eric Bolling today on "Fox and Friends," where they explained it was worth it to stick to their Christian beliefs. 

"This was more like pressure, and although we did experience a loss, it's always worth it in the end," Jason Benham shared. "When you're willing to let go of what's in your hand, then God can give you what's in his."

Last year, the brothers were signed to HGTV for a new show called "Flip it Forward." But special interest groups called for the network to cancel it, because of their beliefs on pro-life and pro-marriage.

Since losing the show, the pair wrote a new book titled, "Whatever the Cost: Facing Your Fears, Dying to Your Dreams, and Living Powerfully." In it, they discuss how they endured and overcame religious persecution. 

"That's why we say in our book, 'die to your dreams,'" David Benham said. "This whole HGTV platform, we were really excited about getting on the show and showing our family. I've got five kids, he only has four. We were excited about the platform, so when it was taken, it was difficult."

"We're the first people that would say the persecution that we experienced is nothing compared to the persecution that Christians are experiencing all over the world," Jason Benham remarked. 

"If our faith cost us a reality show, then so be it," David Benham stated.  

Watch the video above to hear more from the Benham Brothers on "Fox and Friends."