Bill O’Reilly and Kirsten Powers clashed tonight on “The Factor” over American military power and coverage of the U.S. soldiers who died in Iraq.

Powers said that she opposes much of the American power that President Barack Obama has been using, calling for power to be used “wisely and smartly.”

O’Reilly said Powers doesn’t want ground troops in the fight, so she’s willing to live with ISIS occupying thousands of miles and killing civilians.

Powers told him, “I wish that you had spent as much time on the 4,000 soldiers who died in Iraq as you have on these beheadings, because if you had, I don’t think we would have been over there as long as we were."

O’Reilly fired back, “That’s about as cheap a shot as you could ever make.”

“It’s a tragedy that these people were beheaded, but you’re making it out that we’re supposed to go to war because of these four people, and if we don’t go to war, we don’t care about them? That’s ridiculous,” Powers said.

“That’s a cheap shot,” O’Reilly reiterated, noting that he visited Iraq to support the troops. He added that there was no way anyone could have known that the information on weapons of mass destruction was faulty, but Powers countered that, saying she was very skeptical of that intelligence.

Watch the fiery debate above.