Chief Allan Kelly, the pilot of the helicopter involved in Brian William's embellished story, was on "Hannity" tonight to weigh in on the NBC News anchor's suspension.

Kelly said he's "pretty happy" with NBC's response to the false account of the helicopter trip. Williams will be suspended without pay for six months after repeatedly stating that the helicopter he was in was hit by RPG fire in Iraq.

While Kelly said he feels everyone should be held accountable for their actions, he said he also appreciates that the president of NBC showed compassion and proportion with Williams’ punishment.

“I hate to see somebody lose their career over making a mistake. You take away the thousand-dollar suits and the prestige of the position that he holds, and he’s still a human being like the rest of us, and I’d like to think if I screwed up that someone would have compassion on me and some forgiveness, but still hold me accountable,” Kelly said.

Watch his interview above.