You know Henry Winkler as The Fonz from "Happy Days," the coolest guy in the room. But he wasn't always the king of cool.

Winkler opened up this morning on "Fox and Friends" about his struggles growing up with dyslexia - a learning difficulty that affects reading and comprehension - which inspired his hit children's book series "Here's Hank."

"I did not read until I was 31," Winkler revealed. "You learn to fake it ... I also didn't realize [I was dyslexic] until I was 31."

"My mantra, what I realize now, is I would have missed out on so much in my life if I did not say, 'I will try.'"

He said that he actually couldn't read "Happy Days" scripts very well, which led to him messing up jokes at table reads all the time.

"Finally, I realized why, because my brain didn't work like that," Winkler said, explaining that he tells children to not give up on their dreams and simply try.

He pointed out that not only are one in five people are dyslexic, it is a hereditary disorder. In fact, all three of his children are dyslexic.

"We must teach children how they learn, not what we think they should learn," Winkler said.

He revealed that "Here's Hank" - including the newest book in the series, "Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards" - is what he's most proud of in his life outside of his children and grandchildren.

"All you need to know is that your kid needs to be a great citizen on the earth and they will fly," Winkler said. "The most important thing a parent can do is buoy a child's self-image."

Watch the clip above to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck give Winkler a smooch for all the moms out there!