Kayla Mueller’s aunt, Lori Lyon, today spoke at a news conference on the death of the 26-year-old American aid worker.

Mueller's parents today confirmed that she died while in ISIS captivity.

“She was generous, caring, and compassionate like our sister Marsha. She was strong, driven, and passionate like our brother-in-law Carl. She was the best of both of them,” Lyon said. “She had a quiet, calming presence. She was a free spirit, always standing up for those who were suffering and wanting to be their voice.”

Lyon said that her niece knew at a young age that her calling was to help those who were suffering.

“She has done more in her incredible 26 years than many people can ever imagine doing in their lifetime,” she said.

Lyon continued, “The world wants to be more like Kayla, and if that is her legacy and the footprint she leaves on the world, then that is a wonderful thing."

Watch the emotional statement above.