Greg Gutfeld tonight called for the rebuilding of mental health asylums in America.

Gutfeld explained that the mother of Chris Kyle’s alleged killer warned that her son was a danger, even calling police about him. He was placed in psych care and released days later.

The Journal of the American Medical Association says state-run psych units hold 45,000 patients, less than one-tenth of the amount housed in 1955.

Gutfeld said this may be why we still hear of grisly acts committed by people who shouldn’t be on the streets, though the nation has nowhere to put them.

“It’s the fake logic of closing Gitmo,” he said. “We shut something down with no thought of a replacement. And so the sick wander or bring anguish to their families.”

Gutfeld noted that asylums were truly scary decades ago. They were closed down, making the streets home for the mentally ill.

“As the researchers point out, it’s time to move beyond stigmas and rebuild these institutions,” Gutfeld said. “Asylum should be a good thing - and it might have saved Chris Kyle, had it been a real thing.”

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