A Brown University student wrote a controversial column last week in the school newspaper, The Brown Daily Herald, in which he called ROTC an "organization of criminals" and "state-sanctioned violence."

Peter Makhlouf wrote, "It seems that ROTC’s attempt to recruit academically elite students is a calculated attempt to rope the best and brightest into the industry of state-sanctioned violence. By outlawing ROTC and its byproducts on our campus, we have the opportunity to maintain and strengthen a tradition of refusing to capitulate to the increasing demands of military engagement in today’s global agenda ... the thought of extending the poisonous branches of the armed services to our campus should be wholly denounced."

Eric Bolling pointed out on "Fox and Friends" that the only reason Makhlouf has the freedom to write that column is because of a strong military that defends his freedom of speech.

"You couldn't say those things - anti-government comments or anti-military comments - in Iran. You couldn't say it in Syria. You couldn't say it throughout much of the Muslim extremist areas of the world because you would be killed for it or you'd be jailed for it," Bolling said.

"Thank God for the ROTC, thank God for the military, thank God people are willing to risk their lives, so that you can be such a jerk and say stupid things like that."

The topic generated a ton of responses on the show's Facebook page this morning.

"I say God help us with this kind of thinking in this country," commenter Kate Manka wrote, while Rose Walker pointed out that "freedom is not free."

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