Donald Trump weighed in this morning on the Obama administration's claim that the United States is winning in the fight against ISIS. 

Secretary of State John Kerry touted this weekend that ISIS is "on the run," pushing back on those who claim that the terror army is expanding.

On "Fox News Sunday," Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.), former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said the Obama administration must realize that its strategy against Islamic terrorism is not working.

"We're facing a growing, expanding threat around the world in some cases, particularly in the trans-region of the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa," he said. 

Blasting Kerry, Trump said "we're only winning in his imagination," arguing that ISIS is reaping the profits from Iraqi oil and "laughing" at the current campaign of airstrikes.

"I said many times, years ago, we should take the oil because Iran is gonna get it or somebody else worse than Iran is going to get it," said Trump, adding that ISIS only has access to the oil because of the U.S. invasion and withdrawal from Iraq.

Trump said the U.S. right now is experiencing a "lack of leadership in every way."

Watch the full interview above, including Trump's reaction to the "quack like a duck" question asked to Attorney General Holder by an MSNBC host.