Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) tweeted some amazing pictures this weekend during a 90-minute flight over the Rio Grande in Texas. 

From his personal Twitter account, Sasse posted a trove of photos (below) during his bipartisan "learning" tour, which also took him to a border detention center and a vehicle checkpoint.

The shots included one of a border wall that was never finished, with a huge gap right in the middle

Sasse joined Steve Doocy this morning to reflect on the sobering trip, emphasizing how easy it is for someone to walk across the river from Mexico right now.

"We don't have a secure border. The Rio Grande River, one of our pilots joked it's really the Rio Pequeno. It's not a river in a lot of places. It's 100 yards wide and eight inches deep in places and people can just come right across," he explained.

Sasse said the border agents that he met with are "great Americans" who are working hard, but there is a "lack of will" from Washington to solve the problem.

"There are traffickers that do this as a business and there are more of them than there are of us," said Sasse, asking about the prospect of jihadists coming across to attack the United States. 

"Once there are jihadi attacks in the U.S., which I think is in our future, and we find that some of them came across our porous borders, what are we gonna do then? Because that's what we should be doing now."

Sasse added that he met with local ranchers who've found dead bodies of illegal immigrants on their property or seen their fences broken. 

Watch the full interview above.