Some of America's top banks paid a grand total of more than $36 billion to settle charges of selling worthless mortgage securities to investors. 

Bill Hemmer explained on "America's Newsroom" that the Justice Department was supposed to give that money to groups who help struggling homeowners, but some House GOP members don't think that's where the money went.

Now, a House committee is investigating.  

Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that Republicans believe JP Morgan Chase, CitiBank, Bank of America, and others agreed to "give money to liberal-leaning nonprofit housing organizations" in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

Napolitano noted that this controversial move by the Justice Department is not illegal and is actually common in both political parties. 

"If they feel that a defendant has victimized somebody and they can extract the money from the defendant and get it to the victim, they will do it," he said, adding that sometimes the government goes "a little overboard" and ends up distributing money to other groups that weren't victimized by the defendant. 

Watch his full analysis above.