Judge Andrew Napolitano was on “The Kelly File” tonight to react to Sen. Tom Cotton’s remarks about Guantanamo Bay.

Last week, Cotton said of the Gitmo detainees, “As far as I'm concerned, every last one of them can rot in hell. But as long as they don't do that, they can rot in Guantanamo Bay.”

Tonight on “The Kelly File,” Cotton told Megyn Kelly that terrorists aren’t “entitled to the legal rights of American citizens.”

“My beef with the senator – who’s an Iraq War veteran and a lawyer – is that he should know what the Supreme Court ruled,” Napolitano said, explaining that the court ruled in all five cases that Gitmo detainees are entitled to the basic due process procedures.

“When a senator who is a lawyer basically thumbs his nose at the system and says these people should rot in hell or rot in Gitmo – whether they’re guilty or innocent – doesn’t cut it,” Napolitano said.

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