Chilling new video shows the moment that two gunmen flee their car and open fire on police and other vehicles on a busy Australian motorway (watch below).

A police chopper captured the wild shootout and pursuit that began in Brisbane and ended in New South Wales.

9 News reported:

In the cross hairs of the police chopper, the 150km chase comes to end after the blue Lancer hits road spikes.

One of the men fires at police. Then they both sprint into traffic, firing again at a passing car.

A red car slams on the brakes and the driver behind ploughs into the back, scattering luggage along the road.

February 09, 2015: Extraordinary pictures have been released, showing in chilling detail the end of a dangerous high speed car chase that began in Brisbane and ended in New South Wales with a shootout.

Apparently trying to hijack another car, one of the men points the gun at an oncoming car, but the driver mows him down.

Police stuck with them, weaving through traffic, dodging bullets and eventually catching the pair.

The driver of the car that crashed was able to walk from the scene.

Both men have been charged by NSW Police with attempted murder. They will face more charges in relation to allegedly carjacking a total of three cars earlier in Queensland.

Watch the crazy video below.